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Ibis Sofia Airport Hotel Review / Overview

ibis Sofia Airport

If you are visiting Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, and you want to book a room close to the airport, there’s no hotel closer than Ibis Sofia Airport. This is actually one of the best hotels close to the Sofia Airport you can stay at – as we’ve already found out in our previously published article.

But today we’re going to find out more about Ibis Sofia Airport in a complete review / overview of the place so that you can make a completely educated decision when it comes to booking your stay there. My opinion is that you will definitely enjoy it – otherwise it wouldn’t be featured on our website, so let’s see what makes this hotel so good!

Ibis Sofia Airport Hotel location & surroundings

Not the best of views, but it could’ve been worse

As I said, you can’t get any closer to the Sofia International Airport than this! The hotel is situated within walking distance to the airport, just several minutes of walking from the Terminal. However, if you don’t prefer to do some extra exercise, they offer a shuttle service that should get you to the hotel in just a couple of minutes.

It is the proximity to the airport that makes this hotel such an amazing choice – but you will see that the quality of the rooms, the food and the service itself is top class too, even though we’re only talking about a 3-star hotel. But it’s part of the Ibis chain, and they have high standards. I personally love staying at Ibis hotels wherever I go and I have never been disappointed.

But back to the location of the hotel, there’s a bit of a con here: since it’s right near the airport, it means that it’s right outside the city with no real attractions nearby. You have huge lots of open space and some nice views over Sofia and even towards the airport (depending on where you get the room), but that’s about it. Not much to do around the building itself.

Of course, you can always get a cheap taxi from the hotel and back if you want to enjoy Sofia itself, or just spend time in the hotel – they have a bar and a restaurant and they serve amazing food. But more on that later.

The rooms

The rooms are a bit small in most cases, but you’ll definitely have enough leg space. The rooms themselves look really nice, though and are always kept clean and in a good shape. A great pro is that they’re all soundproof – this alone is a deal maker!

They offer various types of rooms, including family rooms and for those who travel with their pets, we have some great news: this is a pet friendly hotel – we all know how difficult it is to find these!

The beds are very comfortable, with thick mattresses that are just as soft as they have to be to get a good night’s rest. The pillows are a bit small for what I am used with, but in the end, there are no deal breakers in the rooms.

The bathroom is small as well, but equipped with everything you need, it has a good shower with hot water running at all times and again nothing to complain. You won’t take many selfies in their bathrooms, but you’ll do what you’re supposed to do there without any problems.

The rooms themselves are well equipped, they offer very fast WiFi connection with strong signal everywhere, you have a large cable TV in each room and air conditioning or heating depending on the season. One of the biggest cons in my opinion is that the rooms don’t have a minibar, so keeping beverages cold during the hot summer days becomes a bit of a problem.

The food

One of the best selling points of Ibis Sofia Airport Hotel is the food they serve. It is absolutely amazing, from taste to presentation and you will definitely love it. It’s really good and you can even serve breakfast or your meals on the terrace when the weather is nice, or even order it in your room. No matter what you choose, you will be very pleased

The breakfast – which is something most people will get anyway – is buffet style and even though not extremely spectacular and varied, it keeps you well fed and satisfied. You won’t have any reasons to complain here unless you’re a very picky eater or on a very strict diet. But if you have nothing against cold cuts, vegetables and fruits, pastries and cereal… you will be very happy with your breakfast.

And things get even better if you decide to eat your lunch or dinner here. The hotel’s restaurant has a varied menu, offering all sort of goodies from the international cuisine and the traditional Bulgarian cuisine and, no matter what you will choose, you will be very happy. The food is delicious, the portions are large and the waiters are doing a great job.

Here are a couple more mouth-watering photos to convince you that you’re always up for a treat. And they have a lot more in terms of goodies there!


If you are looking for a hotel that’s close to the airport, you’re making a great choice with Ibis Sofia Airport. This three star hotel is highly appreciated by people who have stayed there and everybody has words of praise for everything: the friendly staff, the clean rooms and the amazing food.

It’s not situated in a picturesque area and it’s by no means luxuriant, but it gets the job done, it offers a lot of value for the money you spend and those soundproof rooms are a blessing if you’re a light sleeper like I am. Just make sure, if you book a room here, that you don’t mind being a bit far away from the city center. You can find out more hotels close to the airport or find a way to book your stay at this hotel by visiting our previous article here.

Additional data
Hotel’s address: 132 Mimi Balkanska Str, 1540 SOFIA, BULGARIA

Hotel on Google Maps: click here

Hotel’s official website

Image sources: Official photos, personal archive and Facebook

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